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Hiseaton Fisheries Sdn Bhd was established in Brunei Darussalam in June 2016, from investment projects to approval operation.

Hiseaton is mainly engaged in the marine products, hatching, breeding, acquisition, processing and marketing. In which the main products are Golden Pompano, Grouper, Cobia,and Barramundi. It is a Subsidiary company of Listed and Trusted Company in China – Guangxi-Hiseaton Foods Co., Ltd. (Stock code:835114).

The whole project has includes Three Bases which are the Hatching Base, Deep-sea cage Aquaculture Base and Processing Base.

Ø THE HATCHING BASE, covers an area of 22 hectares, that cooperates with experts from different countries such as China, Brunei, Australia, Japan and other countries that carry out the germplasm resources of marine-aquaculture species preservation, improvement, hatching and breeding technology.

Ø THE DEEP-SEA BASE, occupies 2000 hectares of the sea area and 10 kilometers far away from offshore, with constant 26-28℃ sea water temperature and without any pollution. We adopt the scientific and healthy farming model therefore the distance of each cages is made at least 500 meters between each other to make sure the products will be certified to the standard of Halal and Organic Certification.

Ø THE PROCESSING BASE, covers an area of 2 hectares, where we make sure to produce a healthy and safe marine-products within modern processing model.


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